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7. — Woods Hutchinson sums up an article on The form
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Laennec, we fully concur in. Laennec has, himself, admitted the
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field for their use in such cases is indeed very lim-
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these directions, and says that the food thus given would
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which the reader should retain from it is that the conditions of the normal
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the possibility of saving life in a case which had hitherto proved ge-
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enlarged, and the intestine filled more or less with a turbid,
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From private dwellings comes the same story. One seemingly
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granular, others containing atrophied and fatty epi-
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is substituted for the chrysarobin in the above form-
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tioDH have demonHtrated that the tube and the ovary were the origin of
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the sense of heat only was abolished (Dejerine). The sense of touch is,
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day, when there were other infections, were not nearly so efficacious as those
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not been of too long duration, beneficial effects may be expected
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yields more immediate or more completely beneficial results in prac-
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attributed by the patient to the results of a previous injury to the thigh, through
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Therapeutics. — The antipyretic treatment of pleuro-pneu-
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impurities which they contain, such as lime, iron, common salt, etc.
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so good a condensation of the modern views upon this sub-
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iliiryhind M. .T., Bait., 189.'j-6, xxxiii, 434. — Babarczi-
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from bacteria, which it is claimed is different from either the toxines or
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wish to be understood as advancing the plea tliat ine-
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. in no case is this periodical sent unless the subscription is paid in advance.
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even three times a day ; shellfish, eggs, spice, and