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passed before perfect respiration was established, but the child,

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thirty per cent. Dr. Reamy has performed the operation

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that although Bacillus influenzce grows luxuriantly when transplanted

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fermentation. This disease is more prevalent in cold than in warm

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cular diathesis is hereditary. The first symptoms of the disease are

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82. The " asthmatoid wheeze " may, if present, be of great diag-

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Protective Ferment Reactions in Various Pathological Conditions.

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however, to recommend the drug in these cases because of the

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(2) Vertical fracture, in which the two superior maxillae and the two

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Physician & Surg., Detroit & Ann Arbor, 1893, xv, .529-

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"Instead of suffering in health Mrs. Carlyle benefited

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adults over the bony prominences and along the sheaths of tendons. In

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