diseases. The crowding necessitated by the opening of schools and

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Mercer's Hospital ; and Lecturer on Clinical Sm-gery, (Illustrated), 257


contemplated, but hitherto failed to solve satisfactorily. Much

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sonorous than natural." At the autopsy, the pericardium was found

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be fixed by the Colorado Medical Society annually. Annual dues for each calendar year shall become due and payable to

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are two points in reference to this part of the subject which Dr. Liveing par-

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Softening may result from any process that obstructs a blood-vessel;

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a feeling that perhaps all was not right, and asked my colleague if anything was

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the incision should be made at the site of greatest tension, but preferably

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connection there seems at times to be a misunderstanding of the term halluci-

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palpebral and ocular conjunctiva?. These signs were accompanied

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may be the same loss of sense for pain, heat, and cold, with preservation

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more unmanageable. He has never felt any pain in it ; but

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pr concussion — a fact which can be cleared up only by a history of the case,

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traceable only to a certain extent to hereditary predisposition,

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for the herbalists. We see that extracts from it are already find-

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conj unctivitis, diseases of the umbilicus, and the diagnosis of infan-

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From July 11th to July 12th, noon, 144 cases, 51 deaths;

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influence was unfortunate because many persons with severe malaria now refuse to

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lecture on "John Eeid," published in this Journal, November

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if all tlie fermented liquors that pay the octroi duty are con-

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at the back of the head. Lice are found mostly along the spine

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results of these various tests, one naturally first endea\'ors to

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(annual); Brooklyn Surgical Society; New Bedford, Mass.,

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to this eminent scholar, who would have conferred dis-