interfered with the next normal contraction from the pacemaker.

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the meninges of the brain and spine are just the same as those some-


for bite from a bear. Indian M. Gaz., Cidcutta, 1891, xxvi,

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ministered upwards of one thousand thorough Thomso-

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mode of accomplishing this object. This, however, is not to be expected,

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difficult to understand how such can be the case if the saw be well

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of the pulmonary vessels has thus been made. A channel for the injection

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Of 216 patients Avith chorea, observed in Guy's Hospital, 187 were

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eased without involving the synovial membrane at all,

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surface of this earth, the sun's rays produce a certain

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disposed. She makes and sterilizes the vulvar pads,

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Ferguson ; Dr. W. B. Herapath ; Mr. T. Martin ; Mr. Richard

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discs, and there was ansesthesia extending symmetrically over

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blood examinations. The conclusions arrived at were as follows : —

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and the percentage of nephritis steadily increased, much more consis-

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Our cases that showed fall in blood pressure with increased pulse

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break, and then flush out with Carbolic Acid solution. Prompt

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ports two cases, Ijoth resulting in recovery ; one was of a

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Frequently, false passages are made by forcible attempts to

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fected sacks, which are left for the postal clerks of

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been due to the diplococcus found in the blood. — Gazetta Medica

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about general weakness, pain in the back and extremi-

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white, showing that all organic matter has been de-

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tioned ; but in Dana's second case the patient was sent to a police cell

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chlamydial infections were detected by the Chlamyd-

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in the minority the possibilities are so grave that the majority of aural

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mistaking of a septic leukocytosis and other develop-

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Qnelques remarqnes snr le forceps. Gaz. ni6d. de Par.,

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s:ill maintain their ground." We would point out to the Medical Profession that Ualtley's

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a Tu]{\ in the hair-follicles, and, unlike the erythemas, do not disappear upon

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secretion, dryness of the throat, develop, produced all the more quickly when