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the consequence. He however complained of faintness, which

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solution of Chlorine in water, was injected into the left jugular vein. The dog remained

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on the nasal mucosa. It is probably due to the action of

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of photomicrographers. In all other respects it is admirable.

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full of belief in the past and future of our system, and because

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attention. On the other hand, with the exception of

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numerous imperfections I alone must bear the responsibility.

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— that the sac, having no elasticity, and being placed in the

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is also taken up mainly by lymphatic vessels; and this again, after

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means of hot water outside the cup or bowl in which the

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I. Ad Hoc Committee on Genetic Counseling, Amer J Hum Genet 27:240-242,

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Cerebral disorders, points in the diagnosis of . . . 124

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hysteria and that there is no organic disease of the nervous

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Case 1. — Chom Ah Cfaoa, autopsy February 5, 8 p. m. Bxamlna-

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The case, observed by myself, is as follows : Primi-

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Note,— The advantage of applying Sugar of Lead and Witch Hazel

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well understood now that the State deserved no such

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side areas in the lowest zone, though inguinal is pre-

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abroad, they might easily live and benefit in many places at

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occur among the pigs from scours and thumps. At no time is the

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Kiesen wetter & Schaum, 1859, pp. cxcvii-cci.] [Read 23 nov.] <Ibidem,

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Table 1. — Iodin Index and Specific Gravity of Various Oils

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connection, the nature of which is not yet fully understood.

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separately, and the skin wound is left open for two days, a method which