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the latter end of September the state and smell of this water
Virus (HIV). At the annual session of the Arkansas Medical
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different tale ; when it affects the head, which occurs sooner or later in
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curriculum of a medical student fifty and more years ago, there
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5 per cent, and not more than 20 per cent, were affected. Haslund, of Copenhagen,
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have dissected at the Morgue in Paris, there were quite a number in whom the
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prognosis, in the formulation of which symptoms are of great
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two or three slight ones occurred, while the patient was
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to extract the foetus by the extremities, it being im-
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of the ball into the stomach, but not that of exit.
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man. The respiration becomes full and deep, without being much increased
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of regurgitation. The first lesion is frequently met
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The same is true of our extensive invasion in 1871,
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portions, and is not an independent process through which the blood is
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are of two varieties, viz. : First, circumscribed lesions, consist-
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exists. The structure of the various parts within the cranium
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thing other than what might be a common cause of such
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The duration, in favorable cases, is brief, convalescence being declared ia
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Symptoms: May be unilateral. Pain is throbbing and the
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reaction does not subside after the third day, the dose
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cylate) and salol. He gives three doses in twenty-four hours. When
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