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deer and cattle disease. It was usually mistaken for anthrax,
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ents? Is it creditable for intelligent, liberally educated men,
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Symptoms of overtransfusion are cough, increased respiration,
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mortality had been lower by 5 per cent., and if second-
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with putrefactive and fermentative processes, and with diseases
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bodies and tubules. The epithelium lining the latter, especially the a^nvoluted
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points with commendable pride to the ' thought, time, and self-denying
baruch spinoza ethics treatise on the emendation of the intellect
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Medical Society of the State, the governing body, m the
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a large school were thus affected. Mr. Milne also quotes from
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nated drinking-water and in milk ; liowever, it is thought
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epidemic of measles, as cases of that disease frequently
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The so-called *' antiseptic dressings" of Prof. Lister have
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548. Sponge Cake— Ingredients— S eggs, yi lb. white sugar, the
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not to allow undue exertion, as sitting up in bed or straining at stool.
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mule with " capital instruments" attached to his immediate service.
pricking the finger in order to obtain the necessary clinical information,
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day of the disease, in the former case, one and a half ounces
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are tied around the limb, but instead of being entirely separated are
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Often the locomotion was continued after the leucocyte had be-
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Ficf. o. — ]^l()0(l-])ressiiie curve after injecting a saline extract made from 0.5
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that the movable blade moves away from the lens when the
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always very slow. Under any circumstances, only a portion of the salicylic acid