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solid.ated, and the line of the bone was apparently perfect.
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hver in this state is yellow, whence Laennec, believing it to be con-
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attack of rheumatism I removed with the trocar about five gallons of
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Sedation. Tenex, like other orally active central alpha-2 adrenergic
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It is evident that the effect of the contraction of a muscle depends largely
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formation of indol, as most of the bacterial action takes place
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reactions; neuro-ocular lesions. e.gā€ž retinal thrombosis and optic neuritis.
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the Court, was convicted, and subsequently transported. Again, a person may
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toms of sleeping sickness dies sooner or later. It is an absolutely fatal
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similar sound was produced by suddenly distending with fluid a coil of collapsed
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Duke of York, " I consider him to be one of the most industrious.
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interior of the uterus with a sound, it felt somewhat
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reports of the Malta government may be seen reports of outbreaks
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He also employed himself extensively in literature : and,
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the thirtieth to thirty-sixth month; but they are only temporary, for, at the
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it. f The adjacent portions of the bronchioles are similarly en-
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doctor, ā€œ7 he Importance oj Pi olein Poods in Health and
improvement of the understanding treatise on the emendation of the intellect
subject ; the text books scarcely mention mesenteric cysts and there-
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pint of water) or a solution of aloes in water (one-half ounce to the
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bury) Railiiet, 1893, in part only (not F. cystica Rudolphi, 1819).
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pentine to each pound of rosin. [We have introduced this
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better not to do), some authorities appear to have arrived
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1155 Fifteenth Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. 20005
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The Treatment of Chilblains.ā€” In an abstract from the
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nounced this new procedure with emphatic disapproval. But as the
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anassthetic, for such a thing does not exist. Finally, with
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I MACOPEIA. Third Edition, enlarged to 295 pp. 32mo. cloth, 3s. 6d.
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dissolve by heating in soft water, 4 gals., adding sal coda 1 lb.
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