He took the degrees of M.B., Ch.B. of Glasgow University in
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of these patients still exists in many States, Kentucky
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Misnia, in Upper Saxony. He was a man of great learning and
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other cutaneous phenomena, though these are for the greater part occasional,
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cirrhotic in 8, normal aside from compression in 4, nutmeg and cirrhotic
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occurred out of a total of 4000 post-mortem examinations.
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Most of the available statistics contain both simple and gas-containing
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federal funds allocated for the next twelve months are
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A dilatation of the aorta may exist, but the still and seden-
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it may be adherent. This variety varies much in width
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two years which he passed with him he was so inclined to
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As an element of causation in the production of the diseases
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gressive contractions, extending from above downwards, which
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distended vessels filled with poisonous products, cut off
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of the recent Royal Commission on Physical Training in such a form as
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diagnosis, exclusive of the physical signs of aneurism. Aside
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the number of deaths 262, an unusually large propor-
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pernicious teachings were daily and hourly pressed upon him for
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between these organisms and the disease is not always clear. Many
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ness manifested itself in the lower extremities so that
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cially by the presence in such water of excrementitious matters
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such children were hitherto supposed to be often unsatisfactory and not worth
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The phagocytic theory has been largely in the hands of
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heretofore, the bladder begins to fill with urine, and in a few days the
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shown an early thickening of the capsule of the glomerulus and a marked peri-
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during several days in the hospital, and after a week
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mental faculties, irritability of mind, and depression of spirits. These
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and constitutional disturbance, we find prominence and
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underclothes, when worn in the cave, become distinctly dis-
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less or deleterious suppendage; it would be charity to
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num, and apparently connected with the sternum itself.
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felt above the clavicle and sternum, but nowhere else, while the liver,
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the charge of Mr. Hulke and Mr. Lawson. Both these gentle-