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Surgery, Gynsecology, < )bstetrics. Ophthalmology, Laryng(jlogy, Pharyngology,
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Griffith, F. W., Asheville, Johns Hopkins, 1906 1911 1912
Bertelsman. — Munchen Med. Woch., Bd. XLV, p. 1020.
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gone out of the house. During conversation one evening, Feljruary 9th,
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(From the Laboratory of Physiology, Medical Department, University of
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in contact with a hot body, or receiving the heat radiated by
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Considered in the abstract, as a connecting link in the great
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four to six leeches to the temple or brow ; they do very little
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Nothing distmctive was found on the left side. With its
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irritation of a local lesion, which consists in a rupture of
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which examination confirmed. Difficulty in passing water
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operation should be performed, if possible, without any inter-
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between the victim and the victimiser, as we regard
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Independence, Kansas, where he served until 1888. William graduated from
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Society shall be SO amended as to read, that in the first bath and allowed bo remain for
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sloughiug, but the escharotic effect is superficial, since the
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Pres., Jared P. Kirtland, M. D. ; 1st Vice Pres., Sher-
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parasites are distinct, some hold that the so-called estivoautumnal
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]>car;in(H> of the hirynx diirinij the fornialion of tones in tlir
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played by micro-organisms in connection with the spread
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complete. In the kitchen is hung up the Diet Table, arranged for
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any suggestions or a^ any leading question about the
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of syphilitic origin required the administration of ferruginous
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The position of the doctor in the community is not only a peculiar one,
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Journal of Allergy, Annals of Allergy, Quarterly Re-
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about five weeks from the time of its introduction, it was alto-
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again on the following day. The doctor's the normal dose per kilogram of weight,