to one prime cause (gout, lead, old age, heredity, etc.). " Besides," says

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in the epiphysis, softens, causes osteitis, caries, necrosis, and the joint is then

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whom intimate friends call " Green Point Bhmche," and has

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knew that, of two observers at different stations, one

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years have elapsed since Sanger, in a paper before the

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that the metal cone of the obturator may be fitted tightly into

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Enema. Patient felt well ; no headache or backache.

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strong : tongue furred : pains in head and epigastrium unabated. Eight leeches

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cal clinic of a college without extensive hospital accom-

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nose ;" another, that when he attempts to swallow any liquid, part of it

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ganic), Physics and Biology, with their laboratories, and


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Haward, Mr. Thomas Smith, and Mr, Bilton Pollard] ap-

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themselves of the vile intruder ! Bitter experiences have long

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surface was perforated at different points by the car-

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observation is made, may vitiate its results or produce a discrepancy between

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scope over, my ink mark^ I could discover no obstruction as before the

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— This may occur independently of inflammation of the womb.

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account a perfect digestant. All other digestive ferment-

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was of sufificient size. From these speci- in chronic valvular disease,

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out of place. The thing, on the face of it, has been

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convulsive, a common symptom in hydrocephalus, and latterly,

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Body-lice, like the last, often cause itching only; but often after a

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The urine appears dark and is dichroic, in reflected light greenish, in trans-

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ed him. His eyes were fixed from the first, which he complain-

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sulphur, and caoutchouc. Nothing is known of its effects on man as aj

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series of cases with statisical results (Kroenlein, Mikulicz, Kocber,

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research was understood, the whole course of medical education

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than a year, forty years of age, the mother of one child of seventeen

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wiped out to-morrow, but I believe this test to have a

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tion of the joint disease to the general tuberculosis which

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may be sufficient before birth to impede or prevent natural delivery.