This case shows a transient but extremely marked change in the
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narrowed by the encroachment of the fibrinous coagulum lining the
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recording on bromid paper in a photographic registration apparatus.
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(Fig. 35), both parents and one child ; in B (Fig. 9), both parents and
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dicrotic wave shows that the vessel is not full between the beats.
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mortem change, two plugs or colony masses of bacteria. They were appar-
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Trypan blue, a coarse colloidal suspension, differs from lithium carmin in that
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regularity of the pulse rhythm is only relative. The healthy heart
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for the naso-pharyngeal mucous membrane has been adopted.
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Aneurysm of the external carotid artery may cause paralysis of the
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Principles of Drug Therapeutics. Dr. Leech .... 217
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Case 132, one grandfather died in 1909 with pellagra and insanity. The
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the form of Fowler's solution in three- to five-minim doses three times
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second interspace to the left of the sternum, to ascertain the pitch of
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volved the whole of the right lower extremity. From papules which
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ism recorded by Niepce 41 in each of which the hypophysis was en-
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ditions for the study of race influences upon disease and mortality, because
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exophthalmic goitre. There is generally little difficulty in distin-
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They have no effect on the smooth muscle of arteries in rather con-
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62 per cent, of these cells were small mononuclears, 35 per cent, large mononu-
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tion, that is, to more than one minim of pure nitroglycerin,
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intestine and of the internal pelvic organs exercised a reflex inhibition
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the feces decreased to 81.2 per cent., or 0.146 gm. The least calcium
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A huge aneurysm may be accompanied by a small heart. Hyper-
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arrest of development of the ganglion cells at the foetal stage, origi-
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per cent, of the degree of sino-auricular automaticity, although this
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sanized serum, whereas, the latter protocol illustrates cases, with only
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ments with the evaporated fluidextract, but this was not sufficiently
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tion similarly precipitated. From the readings thus obtained a curve
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the method of Meltzer, 35 not only polymorphonuclear but also oxydase
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sixth intercostal space, to the right of the sternum, and should be
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The history of disease distribution is fully dealt with in my recently
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The literature reviewed in the first part of this paper shows a gen-
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necticut Agricultural Experimental Station. 38 This may be referred
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content to give such instrumental names to the simpler diseases, and
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Temporary bradycardia is not at all infrequent, and is observed
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thalmic goitre there is certainly a marked diminution in the electrical
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The Effect of Adding Platelets to Hemophilic Re calcified Oxalated
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from the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet in large flakes
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Case 713, one great grandmother died with colic and the grandfather had
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in the region of the apex. The degeneration next affects the septum,
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