following members of the State Board of Health: Drs. Ru-
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epidemics of Asiatic cholera. 10. The attack of cholera
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of Thuanus. Mead, hearing of this, enlarged the design, and, having
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der above the pubes for the momentary relief of retention, caused by
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u The Chair appointed Drs. Gray, Sanford and Wyckoff as such Committee, and
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their energies to the solution of hidden problenjs in
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minent peril ; whereas, in the scveresl cases of subacute gastritis, the
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promises to supersede all others in India if it were
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gummata and phagedsenic lesions. A case in point is the cerebral arteritis
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appearance just referred to is seen in the kidneys in many acute infections,
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lume. Je fais relever le lambeau vers les parties genitales par un
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aspects of limb, except &,t knee, was dark red, in
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fatigue the fibres remaining undestroyed ; he particularly insisted on the
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vailing, to institute such measures as may enable him to obtam a
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stitution strong, received the above injury, April i, 1865,
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more of daily use), neurologic impairment will develop in
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origin, is classed as "market milk," and should be pasteurized,
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removal of large stones from the bladder." 2. " We want the
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made up of neurons reaching out from the brain or cord and they
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pending collapse, together with the means which tend
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themselves to contamination. The sanitary surveillance con-
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million. This difference is the basis of the difference of sex, of the different
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History of England, vols. I and II. Suffice it to say that for