the ureters were pervious, and slightly dilated ; the bladder

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effective than chloroform, and chloroform is less effective

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tube contracted with more force, because it had contracted to

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Dr. John L. Atlee was not quite prepared to report and was granted further time.

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vation. Such observation, of course, is available only to the resi-

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H-.spit.u ; George Vaw.irer, Guv's Hospital : Edward Swain, Westminster

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this case. And there are otlier instances on record in whicli


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called for three hundred years, so in our own time and

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tninate employment is discountenanced ; and if this be not done speedily,

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After mentioning the various forms of hyperasmia, he said he

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Doctor stated, as his opinion, if the patient had not been at (he time

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An exception seems to be the soap devised by McClintock, in which

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blind, e.£: as the result of an accident, have a very different

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ber and October 1920, he was a patient in an infirmary where

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nerves; presents nutriment to perverted digestive glands in a

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are robust and multiply rapidly. I have already stated that the more

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principle of the French law, so maliciously illustrated in the

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of plant and animal life. These spiral begiimings are multiplied

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of food necessary to keep the system up to a healthy standard.

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manner after 6 hours incubation, and was always marked after growth