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tion be Used to Promote Quackery ?— l)s. S. S. Cohen

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each patient " discharged, recovered," was under treatment.

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public-spirited and independent members in both Houses,

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120 Regional Minor Surgery. (Continued.) George O. Van

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Manuscripts for consideration should be sent to the editor, Malcolm S.

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fore be partly due to the continuance of the capillary circulation.

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and is succeeded there by Dr. M. A. Fallen. Dr. Mary Put-

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hypotonia. There was no ataxia and no Rombergism. The

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Life-History.— The life-history is unknown, but it is suggested

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sphincters. Very often the first symptom of its influence is a

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rarely, cirrhosis, fulminant hepatic necrosis, and hepatoma: anorexia, vomiting.

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