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and Cebus capucinus. Of these M. rhesus is the least susceptible. When
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c May 2d. Slept well through the night, and feels much better
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reaction permits the conclusion that there is an active tuberculous lesion.
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tension. Some pain is a fairly constant symptom, but varies
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On May 1, the fistula was reopened, and much bile, mucus, and
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fifth pair of nerves, the operator was obliged to thrust a sharp
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Is the exophthalmos of thyrotoxicosis always associated with
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among those delivered in the said Midwifery School, or also
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the fear of bells ringing may be regarded as a recurrence of the
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In considering the possible effects of the rays on these tissues, the author
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rpHAT Sir Astley Cooper should say, when treating of dislo-
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a hemorrhagic tendency, because the blood clots are too soft to
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Examination. Face, pale; general nutrition, poor; muscles, flabby; mucous
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tial manipulation of the material, one which was based on the most
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Recently he has introduced two new substances : heparin, a phosphatide
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developed. It continued to grow larger in spite of treatment with silver
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duce these peculiar effects, and occasioned most severe distress
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measured with compasses and complete transverse sections of the muscle
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the disease, so that in doubtful cases it is a valuable help in establishing
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a considerable enlargement of the cuticular veins. The part
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the joints noted and extended to some of the finger-joints and to three toes
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Rome. It is interesting to note that the infection caused by virus 223, when
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in six cases in which Steel employed this method were : (1) relief of pain
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A research was therefore commenced by the authors with the object of
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diagnostic of syphilitic infection, and one author (Spat) looks upon it as
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rather by virtue of their power of lowering surface energy between the
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least considerable, are also the least healthful.' Peru, Chili,
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onset of the disease and lasts for weeks or months. It is commoner in children
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Occurring in Typhoid P'ever. Hoyersche Denkschrift, Warschau, 1885 (Polish),
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of imposing any real suffering from thirst. Moreover, in many cases no
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cent.; indentate nucleus, 5 percent.; polynuclears, 32 per cent.;
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more rarely about the same time reflex contraction of the abdominal
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loss of architecture, with lymphoid and endothelial hyperplasia,
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account of the great rapidity with which they succeeded each
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become acid in reaction. The solution must be neutral to litmus.