Indian School at Iroquois ; State Custodial Asylum for

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for, as we have said before, very divergent views are

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Remember . . . this is an Election Year!! If you want to

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Pousson, and others have reported cases of severe bleeding, requiring

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at least a thirty-second of a grain. This dose he grad-

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FOR SALE — Direct writing Cardiotron, Model PC-1A,

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which afterwards became pustular. Upon this day the pulse beat full,

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called insanity, but legal insanity. It is insanity in a legal sense,

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ditions in which it would have been placed ; but re-

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pression is peculiar, and in several cases of simple basal meningitis the writer

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ried from a case in which both forms existed in the pseudo-membrane.

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THE Faculty of Medicine of this University shall con°

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ment and prospect of life of children suffering from "poverty"

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case. This was a case of probable tubercular perito-

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ruptures with extravasation of its contents into the retroperitoneal tissue ;

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these reflecting ganglia are connected by a fasciculus of commissural fibres, while at tbe same

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2. These injections, though irritating to the tissues, may

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fingers, and liable to be displaced ; without springs or bolts

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Qase 558 : Cerebro- Spinal Jifeningitis. Effusion of Serum in Arachnoid Spnct ;

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"average systolic" reading, which though not difficult, is nevertheless

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rest of the local process may be effected at the end of the first or be-

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temporarily affected. This constitutes the epileptic

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syphilis have been traced in certain cases in the parents.

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juvenile court exhibit at the St. Louis Exposition. The

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if at all, corpulence represents a pathological condition; at any rate from

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oxid-oxygen is given and continued until the bone work is com-

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but for wounds about the scalp, eyes, nose or mouth, stitches hold

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jeaching to the large amount of sixty per cent. In two cases the

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the fundus of the bladder greatly exaggerated, and though not elastic it did

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to the tendons is both difficult and dangerous; the consequences may be convul-

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Dr. E. J. Wood, Wilmington : There is no discussion in order of any-