First Question: If the laboring man is willing to submit to
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sputum of chronic non-tubercular lung disease, a detail of which will
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In choosing a subject for tonight, I thought the one to be pre-
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in a condition of fermentation. Constipation and alternating
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provement was shortly evident, the enemata were discontinued, then the
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example, the portrait of sycosis originally done by the hand of a Ger-
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do was tried, and two years of wretchedness followed, until, as she said,
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The following cases of pulmonary empyema were treated by closed
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disease, lymphadenoma or Billroth's disease, when he finds his
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After sulphonal patients sometimes pass a restless and excited night, occa-
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There are many occult causes of unfruitfulness with which we are unac-
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its existence, yet occasionally scarring resulted ; and a recent examina-
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other case, which was dislodged on the eighth day, showed a somewhat sim-
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One died of intercurrent disease among those operated on after 1881, 2.5
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the necessity of making some provision for these untortun-
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pressure or movement of the body. Sometimes the pain and
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ing these with a higher magnification they were found to consist of cells
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Professional Guild of Kings County, which, together with an
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are given up to a description of the diseases of the nervous sys-
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zation. No less than this is demanded by the law of utility. The
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mained behind in patches ; these have undergone various changes, but
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hence from sixteen to nineteen, or later, she will have an excess
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she began to talk nonsense. Yesterday the evening temperature was
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on the nerve-centres to raise their tone, and what to assign to the immediate
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A. Matthews, Asst. U. S. Attorney, Southern District.
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gastric analysis shows a marked diminution in the total acidity and an
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may now affirm that, although obstruction at the left auriculo-ventricular
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part of the abdomen, the umbilicus, which is common to both, included ;
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and that a + + + + Wassermann was present. The temperature
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India, elephantiasis Arabum, Guinea worm, tilaria sanguinis hominis,
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one per cent, of menthol and ten or fifteen per cent, of brandy; and also
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nounced and so characteristic of the usual form of the disease that I
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or group of muscles. The identical symptoms are seen in both
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