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of our surgical text-books — there can be no question of the

the antiarrhythmic disopyramide (norpace) works by

and the placenta was beginning to break down. The child

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tees, payment of actual moving and relocation expenses.

disopyramide phosphate

given ; but as so much obstruction exists in the lung, and as there

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although the figures of Anders and Morgan (previously cited) indicate the great

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chloroform, " the clitoris is freely excised by scissors

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slowly poured in from a pitcher. When nutrient enemata are given

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disopyramide classification

a large effusion may be missed, as all clinicians who follow their

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however, differences have been observed when the former

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Kocher himself has become an earnest advocate of the

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tion of temperature in the limb. The bandage was re-applied and kept

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It was wrapped in absorbent cotton and placed near the

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pathological alteration, although he admits many exceptions

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standing on the same ground in this regard as the ape, has been for

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and the skin red. The good effects of the bath were but transient, for even

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in a galvanometer. Secondly, if the electrodes be applied to the skin without

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months I have administered it in every severe case which has

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ness and had no appetite. The abscess had increased in size, was

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majority of diseases owed their origin to some disturbance

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Treaiment. — The treatment consists of (a) immediate gastric

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17th of February, having been attacked, on the lOth, with fever of the

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disintegration of elastic tissue, deficiency of muscle being the

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seau's diuretic wine and Basham's mixture for the anemia, are useful. Theobro-

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plugged with cotton was allowed to stand at room temperature for

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elaborate hitherto devised, appear to demonstrate this view afresh.