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advanced problems in medicine, so the private laboratory is indispensable
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getting remedies to reach the inflamed surface; and the pent up inflammatory
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said, in a recent letter to me : " Only then may we expect
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applied over the ovaries or in the groins. Sinapisms and
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The Peritoneum. By B)'ron Rolbinson, B. S., M. D., Chicago, 111.
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so-called pseudoglioma in children, there is usually, but not always,
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lump " over the fontanelle for about two days after the child was first
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trate the blood from the gastric cavity (exosmosis).
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affections, in order to steep himself in solitary contemplation. Francis,
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Order of St. Dominic for the exclusive care of indigent
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ing fibers from the spinal cord, also the cutaneous
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obtained in so small a group of cases do not warrant the drawing
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Animal food is preferable to vegetable, in diabetes.
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prominent symptom, the loss of sleep adds to the sufferings of the patient.
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monia, lasting for three weeks, when the child was about a month old.
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but, the pain returning, hot application of bichloride
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invaded the epididymis is as a rule slightly affected. In forty-three cases
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Forceps are never justifiable to save the time of a physician.
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any good. I would engage to salivate a man affected with a sore
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need for glasses, and it is usually of the hypermetropic character. The
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but in seven hours the purring bruit recurred. Intermit-
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The second genus is what our author denominates the vesi-
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ductorj' Cliaijter cspcoiaUy addressed to a Young Wife. Ninth Edition,
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of the stomach and bowels resulting from indigestion. Arsenic
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the patient could bear it, and in one of the injections gr. iij of
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majority of this group (685) were housed in dormitories and fra-
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lections of pus. Next in frequency, the cerebellum is in-
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construction of a railway embankment. While standing on