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Mesarteritis, so frequent in the thoracic aorta, occurs rarely in the
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cuts encir.'liiif; them, or liy divisi.iu .it the .-orpus .•allosuiii. Xrver-
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cattle, and many of the smaller animals, while conversely mammalian
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was 85 per cent completed and at its completion a sur-
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been stable fed, it is advisable to turn it out on grass for two or three
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five or six weeks and sometimes longer. After the death of the test
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u'.'ii is no <l..nlit tin- r.'sult of the partial starvation in which tli.' pa-
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within the provisionally quarantined area a few counties in southern
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employee of the same, that shall willfully violate any provision of this act shall be deemed
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be studied together. The members of culture 8 (PL XVIII, fig. 6)
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to three times its volume of pure neutral glycerin, and sent in this
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onds between succeeding beats. The relative cardiac dullness was as noted
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ance among them and that their meat was placed on the market for
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,li:,l„.tcs. Ttie first Um> antli-.is atltil.ut..[ ll..' .•..n.rni..n U, .■.•n.-.val <.t
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was definitely known. The ultimate object was to determine methods
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of the American Medical Association to consult with
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the pathologist or his assistant, should be allowed to present the subject
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lovers of dogs, who are willing and ready to defend the dog with
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varying proportions, while physiological investigation has demon-
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While It is true that in legislation of this character It is Important to bear in mind
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Regarding the meat situation generally in 1906, it has already been
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left communicating with the air passages.*' Keith and Spicer lay stress
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Description of the Specimen (Surgical Path., No. 8679); Gross.— The
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Beef, sheep, and calves are killed at this abattoir, although no work was in progress
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tbeir Judgment may be necessary to prevent the spread of such disease and where the
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level, at wliicli it leiiiaiiis fairly cmisl.iMt Imwcvcr streninnis tlic cxcr-
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,1„. ,;;.rve e,.nter> be..oM>e re,..M.Mate,l in the destroyed area, or the eor-
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filtrate of a blood or organ emulsion from a diseased fowl.
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Fig. 4. — Blue zone separating coagulated tissue above
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><|iii-ilii- oxynon ••.■i|iai'ity nf, :17!I
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On February 26, 1947, he returned to the hospital for
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1. Carrel and Burrows : Cultivation in vitro of Malignant Tumors.
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nective tissue here is not vascular. The capillaries are reduced to a
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“In a plebiscite conducted by the British Medical
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iontophoresis and the author’s apparatus are described
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