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and as these reactions have been unfavorably criticised, his work

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between 40 and 60 years, 14 ; over 60 years, 18. Born in the United States, 91 ; Ireland,

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with Dr. Chadwick's assistance, I attempted to evacuate the fluid by

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duced by an intra-ligamentous rupture of that portion

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shoe. If it is bulged inward at the arch or worn away on

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sizes, and forms of blades, handles, etc., during this

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are inclined to place it even before godliness, for cleanliness of body,

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with sixty-four practical cures. In seven cases the

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fine until the day before admission when he was list-

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The stone in this case was low down — pretty near the ampulla

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paralysis. The postmortem examination showed hyperemia

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" slow," or as being " quick " or " rapid," when what is meant is that it is

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It is employed with olive oil or alcohol (1-10) to kill fleas or

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must be longer than in the first group of reflexes. Slight contact often brings

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Ramsay," David, M.D., R.N., late H.M.S. Gorgon, at the Royal Naval

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Louisville except to make the accepted fee in the community, the pre-

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