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her left side, and had complained of tenderness there.
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and the late Professor De Chaumon't (London ; J. and A. Churchill)).
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Mr. F. C. Dodsworth, Gunnersbury ; Dr. R. Davidson, Hipperholme ;
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addition of some glycerine, and it is slightly perfumed. It is sold in
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consideration of the two examples already given will enable
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refe"rld to Dr. Smith has done well to sound a warning note , it was
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the same evening. His temperature was lo?:^ F., pulse still very quick.
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dilated and delormed. and bound down by extensive adhesions o£ the
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As to meat extracts and essences and alcohol, it was his con-
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Officer of Health to the Stourport Local Board, rice Dr. G. F. Master-
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robust. She menstruated first at 1.", and has her periods with fair regu-
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us to see what a hindrance to dilatation of (he internal os at
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plaint. In the brief obituary note of a distinguished Irish
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received charge of the offices of Civil Surgeon of Ajmere, Superintendent,
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the Society sent 25,568 children, picked out of the slums of
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pointed to the Government to further illustrate the important
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weekly to be tapped. After one of the tappings she died,
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In a statement presented recently by the Senate of the Uni-
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from time to time to be isolated within the borough small-
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vious week's issue. I do not presume to question Dr.
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withstanding the work of Lombroso and others in Italy, and
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I beg to express my indebtedness to Sir Joseph Fayrer for
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ascertained that small-pox has been seldom very long absent
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communications in connection with American diplomas in