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are less numerous, and mixed with a laige quantity of interstitial tissue.

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contraction of the coronary arteries, &c.^^Archive8 OiiUralee de

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Discussion.— It is possible that the original dose of egg-

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attack of urticaria traced to the indulgence in three charlotte

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clinically, and therefore tliis method of calculation is no longer

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living e:irl. Severe bronchial catarrh and fever delayed recoverv,

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bowels? ruptured — in right or left side, or at the navel ? fistula of the rectum — in-

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Ureteroentehostomy (u-re"ter-o-en-ter-os'to-me). The artificial

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blasted. Nor does this evil stop even here. It still moves on with gigantic

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ciated the connection really was between chorea and valvular disease

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is, therefore, evident, and this relationship has been emphasized

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rior to any other article for the same purpose now before the public. Kfaxrj

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patient expressed a decided preference on account of its sim-

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Dr. Bright. It was that of a child, aged 9, who, having got well of

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who oppose all efforts at recovery unless the physician employed happens to be

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Malpighian bodies contained extravasated blood. The kidneys were

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the health of the people imperatively demands. What can be more devilish than

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understand the complaints,) in attributing the changes of the mind to which they

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dromes, and, indeed, often of the typical syndromes. The diffi-

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thalein output over 30 per cent, showed acidosis only if there

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rritation there, ami thus, by smoking tobacco or stramonium, for asthma al ;

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The most important laboratory tests are, first, the Wasser-

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society, the end of abortion is too often sought as a most desirable result. By

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Arsenic was given him as on the other occasions, but his

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OWtetrie Tbysician to St Thomas's Hospital ; Ezamiiier i& Ifidwiferj to the Boyal CdUege of

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alluded to. T would Bay here, however, expressly and pointedly, that no persons

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Petersburg, 30 of the 61 amputations were for injuries, with 26

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test brings out the same wavering movements upon attempts to

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two months there were not less than fifty-seven cases in the house ! At last the

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The 9th Begiment, which had formed part of the garrison during

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-. and who, from his youth, i with a rare and peculiar

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the subjects severally dissected varied as to the amount of cel-

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particularly the electric state, and it is not rare, says Dr. Belot,

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pulse ; the countenance is alternately pale and red ; the voice is suppressed in the

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air ;" and it is on the same principle, we need hardly remark,

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mined by the carbon dioxid tension in alveolar air, by the carbon

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as an inevitable result of tissue metamorphosis in chorea. Present

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of ulcer in the stomach or duodenum often remains in doubt

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followed by 2 ounces of Epsom salts the next day. The calomel

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bius, DalrjTnple, and Kocher signs are all negative. There is