Fuller, Harold Walter, a, w, sp, Lima, Mont. S.B. '36.
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when such advice is desired. Series of courses are suggested which will enable the
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-qnestions the candidate for a time occupying fifteen minntes ; not any branch
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Beneden, 13fr. 50c. ; *' The Dictionary of Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy,
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tm/m?^ Form 2011). Subsequent award is based on the lowst price. The successful
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dressing wounds, bandaging, strapping, application of splints, &c.
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zoster often exhibit a certain epidemic, and sometimes even an endemic dis-
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we discover any intestinal worms, they should be expelled. In genuine typical
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Privaie clasa i/n Operative Surgery — (A) Whole body, £8 8s. ;
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seen, for example, severe ulcers of the skin, gummatous periostitis, etc. The
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^ ^^^'^^ ^3ter is used, U is pumped through the eauiwnent
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Hospital Fees. — £20 for the first, and £15 for every succeeding year.
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Female Candidates — Oxford University; its Constitution; Admis-
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certificate is g^ven. Prizes are awarded at the end of the session for
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attendcuncs at this Hospital are recognised by all the Licensing Bodies. Students
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muscles. Possibly the reason it extends no farther is merely that death is so
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(c) Defects and germ \ieve1ooment - difficult to determine accurately by
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fit, having repeatedly seen benefit follow its use.
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•:aals-ana leaves cans vulnerable to posslDle contamination. The /oltsne in a can is
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assigned to any college work until his fees are paid, (d) The annual ticket for the County
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selects the arrangement prescribed in (a), certificates of attendance on
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sue, in which the nerve fibers are lessened in number,
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2. Clinical and Laboratory Course. — Required. Each quarter. Each section limited
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tomical cause, such as a tumor, a disease of the bone, or an aneurism.
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tone) is the real cause of the rapidly appearing muscular atrophy. Histolog-
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pared with the numerous hospital and dispensary cases, I can scarcely recall
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opportunities also exist for the practice of Operative Surgery" {Lancet).
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one book of the Gkorgics, and one book of the ^ueid; Horace,
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exhibit a doorplate announcing himself " M.D. (N.Y.)" But he must
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there may be some cloudiness and confusion. The memory, too, is not at first
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and vegetables a good source of food-borne illrwss? W»y?'
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Fleury, Charles Robert, Benin, d- Oriental Co.'s Service.
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anatomical cause, the general agreement of the two may at once be seen. The
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instalment on entrance, or if the acholar has not then matriculated, on his
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u:uur: p.M^ ^or rla^^n condensed' tiI 1 K ; :^D:vjt 2.2 gallons of whole nilk a*-e reduced to
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■ as vtsceral m rva »ior»is . The eggs tiatcls ottt af^ they aiter the d1gest<ve\ tract. The
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dressing wounds, bandaging, strapping, application of splints, &c.
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electrical excitability of nerves and muscles is completely normal. The re-
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