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in liquid medium, as when a specimen is jjreserved in liquor potass?e
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tuted the diet in almost every case for a considerable period prior to the
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or by the atomization of ether or rhigolene, before the operation.
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gorged, and there was a bloody froth in the windpipe. In the brain the large
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' Proceed, of the Boy. Physical Soc, Edinburgh, 1887, Vol. IX, p. 386.
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1883, from an attack of diarrhoea and peritonitis, due in no way, as I be-
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1887, 7. s., iv, 565. . De ratt6nuatlon spontan6e de
second gastric hemorrhage; for two or three days prior to his
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a most sustaining treatment ; that I allowed him animal food and stimulus;
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some means of counter-irritation at the base of the
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of a current operation, will be hurried and incomplete. Regardless
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methods of treatment which he used, which he claims
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long journeys, or boldly enter strange houses or yards. They
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The bones of the body of an ataxic manifest an extreme fragility and
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' Journal of the American Medical Association, June 11, iSgfi ;
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interfered with, and a temporary deafness has been described comparable to
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boiled white potatoes, corn grits and macaroni practically parallel polished rice in
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to be thoroughly representative of the beat elements of scien-
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striction and the blades forced open until the peritoneal coat ruptured.
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and the jaws is completely filled, while in adenitis the swollen gland
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newly formed adhesions may not account for the relative cure. That there is