through the vulva. An examination with oiled hand and arm will

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scribe. By our carefully applied sutures we have suc-

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tion, may assume a malignant form, with the discharge of pus. Whereas,

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thing about him but what is good. As Dr. Moore has said. Dr. Logan has been a member

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instruction had, in general, abohshed those operatione

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pupils reacted both to light and accommodation normally,


probable that hereditary syphilis is a cause, but there are obvious dif-

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“If you won’t take it, I’ll call a druggist who will,” and

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exact period of embryonic life to which it corresponds most

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muscles. The sensation is often one of shock to the system

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rendering the motions pultaceous, and quickly causing the dis-

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appear with extraordinary rapidity, breaking down in a few hours into a

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ment involved undergoes atrophic changes. The nails and hair are not

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the muscular layer has three sets of fibres, longitudinal, circular and

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stant source of danger from contagious diseases. It is a well-known

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seen a dermatitis follow this treatment. He also advises its use as a pro

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form in education as touching the physical penalties involved ; but the

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8th. — Dressed again; looks well; all gauze removed from

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be of the habitual use of alcohol, yet many writers in the daily press have

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quired the regular use of the catheter, and had also complete reten-

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movable dressings spoken of at all in the chapter on special

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it is on this point that I must differ from the Italian crimi-

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and approximately equal to 3 per cent phenol, 2.5 per cent cresol

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unless the infection has persisted for some length of time, in which

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native of Hessen -Darmstadt, Germany, received his early

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abdomen and chest, which was mistaken for a copious typhoid

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In the meanwhile plague occurred in India, where the first records are to

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16 septembre 1892. J. de pharin'. et chiin., Par., 1892, 5.3.,

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Dr. RenjiRo Kaneko, a.o. Professor I. med. Klinik der K>aishu

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was deposited in a pocket which had been made in the

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ravages of cholera in that country would be frightful. In

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CheJsea Parish.— "WiXliam A. Bonney, M.R.C.S.E., L.8.A., to the North-

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ing matter of serum, etc. etc., and on the other hand, the salts which are

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morning up to 11 a.m. than can be effected after that

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Surely the condition of the various coats of an artery cannot be

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Jnemore fiuid the patient takes, the more dilute the respiration continues for a time, and gradually gives place

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the feat for the purpose of dislodging collections of

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