tains on the discrimination necessary to be observed between

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effect on the carotid blood-pressure. It was only when the vena

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the entire body. Should this treatment not increase

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Prophylactic measures cannot be too rigorously observed. Patients

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time. Is getting tired of the beef-tea. Is very thirsty. Skin warm

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It should be preceded with the vapor bath, and then

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rence of pain at the right thorax. A month later, and without apparent

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the operations just described there had been no shock.


arteriosclerosis. Certainly, pure diabetes in young persons, leading

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sented to them by certain individuals of this city,

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agers, is the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia; and the managers, aware

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those placed under its care. We are assured that the unwritten

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of long standing may be extirpated with a very fair

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blood, but to no permanent injury. It is scarcely credible that mothers should

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tracted pneumonia lasting for weeks with intermittent fever, especially

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defined round body much more deeply stained and of a dis-

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nitric acid; the paper turns blue if iodide be present. Under normal

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all the recent primary lesions of leprosy a bacillus (germ) very

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this paper, Chief Surgeon Ford made a remark that was certainly timely —

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carbonic acid when deflagrated with oxide of copper, and in or-

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eye of the needle and carried into the outer extremity of the

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healing process fails at a certain stage. A similar event occurs

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ing of the brain be found on autopsy, the softening did not occur at

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de novo — ^that it does not spring from certain atmospheric or telluric con-

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foetus turned or dragged upon, but when the head presents the case is left mainly to

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health, and the only other symptom, besides the headache, which indicated disease, wii