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poisonous qualities, as he does not admit any thing of that nature about his establish-
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clavian vessels, and another instrument of the like kind
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retain more than a definite amount ? AVe find it oozing- from the ca-
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of digitalis is central and not due to local irritation of the stomach.
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from the time when he was first taken. His brother, a boy aged 13 years,
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fever, with cough and pains in the chest ; there was evidence of condensation of
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sixth oentary, when for a short time it prevailed in Marseilles and Uie
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there were no gastric or intestinal symptoms. On August 8th,
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our decided opinion, that in many respects it differs from
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before he was taken ill. He stated that in several instances he was
countered in dissipating the profound ignorance which on this
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The ace of the patient, peritoneal effusion, persisting jaundice, and heredi-
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tive odor and taste, and a slightly acid reaction. Its specific
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able to arrest and reproduce fermentation and germina-
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remarkable and favourable. All the patients were ; Europeans
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lults. Indications for bloodletting, derived from the circulation, as
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interest — bad health deprived the Hospital of several of its
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have been exhibited during life, the organ externally shows but little
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Discussion opened by J. W. Hay ward, M.D., George H.
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consisted principally of fictitious names of pharma-
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He had taken large doses of quinine and good food and wine.
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bad himself admitted that he bad no claim i Magendie took to himself no credit of on-
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[Read before the Boston Homceopathic Medical Society ^^
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passage is not effected easily over the prostate into the bladder — viz., to greatly
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22. The Sanitary Aspect of the Sewage Question, with Remarks on a Little-noticed
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fatal termination Avas equally sudden — there was no extension of the
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O. H. R , aged thirty-six, clergyman ; had never had