therefore, be examined at different times. If the examination is

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It seems to me that we may consider this question answered,

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Gougenheim, Lennox Browne, Schnitzler, and Cadier, be-

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neurotic condition to the habitual use of opiates and other nar-

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Hende, William Wentworth, M.D., at his residence, Southfields,.

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sists of a sitting-room fitted with a wicker couch for convales-

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tory, or treatment of these affections. If. Y. Medical

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fectly valid one, is shown by the fact that in hysterical mutism, though

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strength is the natural cousequeuce. It requires constant super-

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the evening. So far as my observations go, regular exacerbations of fever,

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53 West 45th St., New York, Nov. i6th, 1893, the president, Edmund Carleton,

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This is merely the statement of a general law applicable to

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very little intercellular substance between them. Their protoplasm

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mind, so that slie scarcely knew where she was, and be-

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This mode of infection has nothing to do with labyrinthitis.

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person from criminal responsibility. Many a man whose mind is m an

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close the external wound, however carefully the opening of the

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upon the opposite side, or it may exist in both eyes.

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metamorphosed substances are retained until they are suddenly

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(the reported temperatures unless otherwise noted represent 9

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the tua-tua plants to Dr. Carmichael, United States

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theory by assuming the certainty of what is doubtful, and the

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wi-iting reading, steady attention to anything, uniform movements

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The following quaint epitaph on husband and wife — the husband having died

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some cases all these branches of science are required to enable a Court of Law

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Shows irregular motions of the head, of the muscles of the

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and it was shown that the tissue consisted, as I had declared, of

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demns nitroglycerin in this disease. It produces all harm and no good.

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33 in 433 cases of lithotrity, and 39 in 78 cases of li-

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ture, it will be understood, is essential to the hydrolytic cleavage of the per-

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calculi, etc., and for this reason we think it not improbable that the

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alimentary canal, which ends in the anus. There are no curcula-

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diameter, of a pale yellowish colour and quite firm and resisting. The

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dog or cat, much more poisonous than of herbivora — notice difference in smell of