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ously with the beats of the heart, and by a double rushing sound

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That he has originally no conception of his own strength

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F , F 2 , F„, frontal convolutions ; Fa, ascending frontal convolution ; Pa, ascending

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It is certain that the cortex has a wholly different function from the medulla,

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Tin>i: " Observations " of Dr. Mooren are, he tells us in his

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have shown hypersensitivity to any of the components.

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five cases a diagnosis of acute myocarditis was reached in only one

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he happens to be right, his reputation may be enhanced

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tion to the " praise," he merits; and we are happy to say that the

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ready present, it is attenuated, but in this case more energetic measures

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1. Prophylaxis.— This is chiefly directed to the pre-

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not relieve cramps io the extremities, except by nar-

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At the same time he was no slave to mere practice. Possessing a

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It does not seem, after comparison with titrations b and c, that

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none of them had been exposed to the disease. In August,

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might be due to exudation from the papilloedema which had become

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ence to a dead man whether his lungs were devoured by bacilli, or slmj^Iy