Affections of Sphincter Ani, Malignant Disease, Restorative Operations.
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almost as immediately upon the nervous system, and of which the
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enemata were administered during the evening. Milk, hay tea,
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roform poisoning, spoken of by Professor Lister. A case related illus-
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British Medical Journal of the 23rd April, that he thinks I have
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" On a Proposed Method of Preventing Pitting of Small-pox", in the
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for cataract. Its chemical constitution and reactions resemble those of
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section, and showed caseous, and even chalky, points. The li\-er also^
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wall of the stomach were normal, or nearly so, the anterior were
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Liver large, crammed with greyish tubercles, the size of millet seeds,
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endocardium ; some, however, are organised nearly throughout ; others
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the opposite side. Weight of the left testicle two and seyen eighths
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not succeed, he could not but look back a few years and notice what
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ROYAL UNITED HOSPITAL, Bath- Resident Medical Officer : applications,
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tinted or blackish, and only covered by peritoneum. Weight twenty-
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of Edinburgh, and the general question of the mode of election to the
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child: If he is squint-eyed, he calls him "Paetum" (pink-eyed); if he is
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plications the limb was ultimately five-and-a-half inches shorter than the
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gave me a bottle of your Lung Corrector, the use of which I immediately com-
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quick understanding detect the lurking seeds of consumption in the blood, when no
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tubercle, and more rarely diffuse chronic pneumonia with formation of
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clay-coloured, bearing in suspension little yellowish-grey flocculi ;
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rallied from the attack, but was complaining of the most severe pain in
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" Illustrations of Medical Evidence and Trial by Jury in Scot-
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There was a leper-house in West Street (now Broad Street), Lyme.
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Royal Highness the Prince of Wales (President), will take the Chair.
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In that form of tuberculosis known as abdominal the sublumbar
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such large quantities would be required as to cause death from acute
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torj'. Air. Bradley remarked on the support given by the case to the
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without the use of a tracheotomy tube had several times rendered
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short time; and his family were eminently apoplectic. It is true that the
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Sutton remarked that he had more than once been misled in being
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consideration and forethought can devise will be wanting to ensure their
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The reader will remember that in this case the virus was greatly
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within a radius of two inches from the entrance of the bronchus, was
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tions. Our Annual Museum has now reached its third year; and,
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bones and phalanges. Sometimes the number is reduced to two or
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who consume aerated waters. It is singular that so long after this
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appliances for mechanical and artificial exercises, useful as well in
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tapping that the liquid was clearly purulent, although on the second
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