latter, and that vaccine virus obtained in this way has been found effectual

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with tropical spastic paraparesis in this study are antibody-

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hver in this state is yellow, whence Laennec, believing it to be con-

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go in a haphazard manner, especially when these haphazard methods

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upon him accordingly on the following day. I found the

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I must fully acknowledge ; and among these I must not fail to in-

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interlobar space. Operation was performed in both cases; the mediastinal

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1897^ xxix, n().2, 85-102.— Kozlievnikoff (A. Y.) Osobiy

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interment became imperative, buried it within the jail limits. The case

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be hereditary, though we will not attempt to deny the intiu-

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of depression, in which the mind participates. Before, indeed, any

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that the burns were unavoidable. The plaintiff set up that

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The effect of adding suspensions of hemophilic and normal plate-

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of its ready recognition. If the examination of the

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and practicing medicine under them is a gross violation of the law

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cian. But he was a thorough man of the world. And knew

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together certain symptoms under the term traumatic neu-

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arising from scabies. Its occurrence in leprosy has already been referred

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responsibilities in the sense that sanitary authorities have, but

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place when an insect punctures. This may readily be studied under

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gland during stress leads to hyperemia and to lipid depletion

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iinolntion forms so charactctristic of the plajj^iK^ bacillus. On lactose a^ar

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good. He died of phthisis. The wife is well four years later.

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covered with a thin white coat ; this coating looks as

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benefit. She has, however, at last regained in a great measure the power of

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trodden by a neighbour's cock which had several black feathers

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downstairs and told her master what she had done. She was nc^fccHv ^ ^

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treatment (see hydrophobia) ; the wound should be speedily and

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