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geons of equal eminence, these volumes may be truthfully said to represent the
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with the late Dr. Win. H. \'an Huien, about fifteen years
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Chronic dysenteric diarrhoea of children^ especially in cases
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impracticable to afford relief in this way, an emetic should be
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It’s actually easy to save— when you buy Series
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less apprehensions. Haemoptysis, proceeding from bronchial hemorrhage, may
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recognize the intestinal epithelium as a factor concerned in the removal
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33 in 433 cases of lithotrity, and 39 in 78 cases of li-
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nose, outer or inner canthus of the eye, or side of cheek.
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Medical man undertake the investigation into the cause of
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course, but for a period of some weeks' duration, the doses being gradually
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gating bag was much in evidence. Now these ap]>lianees are not seen in my
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but sufficient to cause irritation. The best known examples are the
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but the haemorrhage is apt to return frequently for
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termination of the area of absence of sound is sharply denned
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better; fever again Friday. I saw the child Saturday.
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inflammation. (9) In 6 cases the incisions were made
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sibly this treatment will only prove palliative, and
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*' When first the pains in my limbs commenced, they were confined
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three weeks elapse belbre the air-cells arc restored to their normal condition,
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one positive result in an experiment in which sixty lice were used ; two
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behind its angle ; all, however, was set free, and the mass drawn out.
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be put in force at the last stage of the disease, when all hope of recovery by
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Absolute Right Hemiachromatopsia ; Partial Preservation of the
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worsened in frequency and severity. The pain could be
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Similar deficiencies exist in other States. All such
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i, place of iris ; che, chorio-capillaris ; g, vitreous ; p, pigment layer or
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diseases, called tertiary, has been more cursorily dealt witli,
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complained very much of intense headache during the whole of the