When people have such ideals there is only one way of dealing
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junctivitis or ulceration of the cornea, or that a bone
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of the conditions of these parts and of the pathology of the
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thirteen wounded men, whom he had seen afflicted with locked- jaw ^ nine received their
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to whom I then communicated my results with the phenic acid,
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membrane, when it assumes a scarlet hue. Dependent upon the
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bismuth salt is preferable when vomiting is present, otherwise the calcium salt will be
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Death is not a common consequence of acute pericarditis ; that is
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issue, complications from pertussis such as pneumonia and
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'< metatarsalgia " in the hand as in the foot, which, as
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the lesion in syringomyelia, the author raises the question of the re-
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passed by any man of his age in this country. Profitable as the office is
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keys, excepting possibly in the focal abscesses, is under the most
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Medicine, Omaha, in 1884, died in St. Joseph's Hos-
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his family connections, noticeably weak in character. This
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Dr. Pa\-ne, in closing the discussion, said that in
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It is narrated that Attains Philometer, King of Pergamum,
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rod, on the counting-chamber, and cover it immediately with a cover-glass before
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cells have been produced. At the same time a like process of cleav-
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when about forty years of age. Her mother's relatives
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we have been erecting. Much of our best work has been
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Continental United States, items of American Red Cross origin,
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of them should never have been admitted to the country, and
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tonitis, is positively injurious. The chief uses of purgatives are to over-
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(1,) In the centre of a spreading patch of alopecia cocoons are absent
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tions and spindle-shaped corpuscles were attached. The change in the capillaries was marked.
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valuable additions, especially in the sections dealing with the motor o,nd
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in neuralgia. The areas of blood-sweating are situated at times on
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and kidneys are moving freely the patient may live on such
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eHoUenbeck, H. S., Angola, Portuguese West Africa : Personal communi-
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infected are the coasts of New Guinea (Kaiser Wilhelm's land), Fin-
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question was, Whether slie might not have died from a faint, even
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malarial infection, interest in the matter had become
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was heard loudest at the apex. The murmur was well propa-
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declared that it had become difficult for the best part of the people
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METRORRHAGIA. Theophilus Parvin, M.D., Philadelphia.
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the 9th of January, forms an important era in the history of literature,
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vision, without the least intraocular irritation in this
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Admitted April 28, 1908. Duration ten days. Was very ill on admission.
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thing worthy of being extracted into our pages. And yet this
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partially united fracture at the middle of the bone. The lower frag-