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intentionally employs any medical or surgical procedure calculated to
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this point at length; but I cannot let it pass without
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The Medical and Surgical Treatment of Acute and Chronic
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this practice these sources would be diminished. Besides, is it
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ways present, although sometimes it might be almost in-
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showed it to consist of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur.
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is a common and troublesome complication. In consequence
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conception of the varied phases which the delusions are known
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dition of the urine in this respect was noted, in only one case was albumen
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nant in the professional mind, that the joints, and ijarticu-
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Post-office Orders and Drafts on Army or Navy Agents, should
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mother to give one child 3 i., another 3 iii-. and the
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size of the sphenoidal sinus in children at varying periods from birth upwards,
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ing so, however, I wish to call your attention to some of
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but not deformed. On opening it, nearly all the gray cortical substance on
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fist, quite tense and tender under pressure. We had him moved to St.
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dissolve more rapidly than when in their natural condition. The
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Ulcers of the Stomach. — It will be convenient to con-
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may be ascribed to other causes until the maggots themselves are seen.
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the interesting report made by Dr. McMurtry at the last meeting of this
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attacked the mouth and the upper eyelid, and ended in the lower limb, always on the
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never have been brought at all'; and you ask: " Is it
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the faulty organs. You may sometimes keep the disease of these