dress-maker, splendid general health, a slight hairy growth upon
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Bolnitsa v paniyat Iraperatoia Alexandra II. Meditsin-
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Tetany. — At the meeting of the Medical Society of
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(icterus gravis). Grisolle, Garnier and Liebermeister maintain that the two
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either from the severity of the bronchitis, the occurrence of
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nervous system, and the exact process by which these effects
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similar to those expressed by members of the Ontario Medical
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The Editors are not responsible for the views of Contributors.
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holding autopsies, visiting convicts, inmates of the county home or pris-
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able folds of skin being removed from both lower lids, and the
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and furnished witli wooden pegs at the sides by which the edges of
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the subject of much discussion. It has been contended by English writers
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was supposed to be a slight thump she received during a game
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rod, on the counting-chamber, and cover it immediately with a cover-glass before
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cases of pseudo-typhoid described in the same paper all occurred in one
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expect the results of apparently similar irritations to bealwayn
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external lobular surface be minutely injected. The liver
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subject ; the text books scarcely mention mesenteric cysts and there-
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improved and simplified by M. Luer who had one constructed to act on
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It is estimated that 50,000 to 75,000 street children live
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garded as one of the distinguishing prerogatives of
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auricular branches of the occipitalis enter the pinna.
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During the paroxysm the patient should be placed in bed and kept warm ;
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dosages, 75 mg. to 150 mg. per day, Adapin has been given concomitantly
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Soon after the abortion treatment for her digestive troubles
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they completely repudiate this doctrine, Dr. Cooke's chap-
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be found near the surface of the kidney. Though the cysts are, as a rule,
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grs. ij.; roasted coffee and white sugar, 3 j. each. To be
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menting action of a serum. I could however not obtain these results
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pathologic oxaluria. This is one of the questions which
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or Foes?”. For registration information contact Anne Shane Bader, 658-7596.
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visit public hospitals in New York County and otiier counties of the State."
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providing medical manpower for small communities (i.e., to
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Passing the films through the tlame is not necessary. If the cover-glasses are not
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duration, 7 months : severity, 2. [Two sittings ; lost sight of.*]