the scene. These attacks were usually brought on by emotional disturbances.
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gers of my hand against the perineum under the point of the
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Philadelphia — a list of names not easy to surpass and carrying with it
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were of varying size and location, but were generally
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would for an hour or two eat loco almost exclusively. After satis-
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May 13th, the death-rate was 18.G. Deaths reported 3,67G;
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of this salt does not alter the acidity of the urine, nor
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diseases is in endeavouring to discern the relations between
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Internal Anatomy.— The internal anatomy has been carefully
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over the chest. In a very short time dyspnoea recurred ; there wa.s copi-
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injection is generally characterized by a slow rise from the original
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the percussion-note again becomes clear, while many, often metallic,
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the skin. These, you will allow, are very remarkable characters.
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liquid diet necessitated by the fractures of the jaw.
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years later, it had been as low as 15. Even with these severe
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itself could not produce such a condition, for the liver-
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Physician to the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia and to the West
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want to call your most earnest attention, as general prac-
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cicatrix is likely to be more or less disfiguring than the lesion itself,
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is a force which acts incessantly upon and menaces us, and?
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prone to fermentation and the formation of flatulency if
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"We cannot, therefore, err in regarding this relation as one of cause and effect.
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and weight, and not too great stress laid on the failures to relieve and
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Other Points of Interest in the Case. — The long standing
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with comminuted' fracture of the radius and dislocati.n of the ulna.
factory. By this method two things are accomplished ; the
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only in cases that are severe from the first ; and, except when due to
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is the merest bathos, and unworthy a scienti6c discus-
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that exceptionally the simulation of appendicitis was so close that the
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recuriing to the bromide I treated successfully a desperate
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be habitually dangerous to health or life, candid and
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An am and Tonkin have for a long time ^^^''^ therefore depends on the sensitiveness
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operator, a careful and discriminating prescriber, ever improving the
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the size of the dose. Thus opium and ether in initial
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of rainfall from observations made by M. Roubaudi) —
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duction beyond the region which the stomach actually occupies. In fact,
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ad ^jf inch thick, twelve trichinae, which would give, in round
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