he remained between one and two years. At the end of
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induce me to believe that a case of chronic suppurative otitis,
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regulation, and individual protection. Quarantine is regarded
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later, however, his right eye became very sore. Before coming
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be discovered. To no branch of practice should the uses of
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If it be all they claim, may it prosper, and grow clearer, higher, and
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joy; but perhaps afterwards a terrible price may have to be paid
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In November, 1895, ^^^ ^^ elected Head Physician and
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two hundred and thirteen pounds, five feet seven inches in
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tion will not be misinterpreted or misunderstood if I succeed in
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and (lyn^Ljjolugy in the uch' four-years' course which was
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germinal matter, — the protoplasm or bioplasm already described.
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creatures, and blindly lessen faith in God and man by promising what
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nett, Sanders, and Cushing. Brief as is Dr. Eggert' s own contri-
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tages in the study and practice of surgery, in which he was particularly interested.
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time of its birth was suffering from a severe attack of acute articular rheu-
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was not only charming, but that it made out a good justification of its
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rapidity of its course and the abundance of its contents,
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Through the observations of E. Wagner, Unverricht, and others, we have
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which the Province of Maryland was restored. Major*
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the preparation and distribution of dressings when arranging
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for him to thoroughly know what we are now going to set
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sense. As a member of the Freshmen Class he sat in the
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I have frequently secured the gratitude of my patients by relieving them from
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profession to which he has brought such brilliant attainment.
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where he remained from 1871 to 1873, He was graduated
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not become multiplied when they are separated from the
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floating above the mists of controversy, where one might not
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son, and to writing down the results of his study. . . . To obtain
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the Medical Corps of the National Army. In November, 1917, he was
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cal branches of his profession, has been in general practice in New
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tial, she went under the Weir-Mitchell treatment, and in two
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8th, The sanitation of the lying-in room, including the con-
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pulses are prominent that have no apparent connection with the