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and general pains. On February 7 he went off duty, and went to bed,
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epENCEB -Harvey.— On March 12, at Agra, Lionel Dixon Spencer, 3r.D.,
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or three tender vertebrae were found at the place of in-
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In the treatment of the disease it has been conceded that the hydri-
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Center, PO Box 792 1 , San Francisco, CA 94 1 20-792 1 .
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10 mg per kg twice a day for 14 days. The serum lead
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The conclusions expressed in the preliminary report in June, 1917,
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Hrematidrosis occujiies various areas of the surface at different
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sale was quite lively in other parts of Europe. Un-
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years, which I feel satisfied my hon. friend the Minister of
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and destroys the offensive odors. — British Medical
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mental depression or excitement may be due to sj-philis.
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accurate account of the disease, as it still occurs in these countries
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Hardwicke Hospital was read by Dr. Lyons ; that from Sir
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apathy. Parathyroid myxcedema, which results from a complete and total
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in diagnosis is recited by Boothby, where the ques-
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case even to this day. In fact, apart from the prepos-
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their relations, and I have to thank Dr. Beach for al-
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as ulmic, humic, and apocrenic acids. These organic acids have con-
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are present or even a little increased ; but they usually disappear very soon).
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ditions, may eliminate 100 to 500 mg. of acetone and aceto-acetic
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others, which are the staple of our indications, always at hand,
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The same efiect, on a more limited scale, may be noticed in
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syncope •, dyspnoea and cough j haemoptysis and haematemesis ;
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should be surrounded with varnish. The color of the leukocytes varies in individual
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Pediatric Grand Rounds, Tuesdays, 8:00 a.m., Sturgis Building, Auditorium
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coughing can be called forth by this means in at least 5 per cent
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expect any more than temporary relief in such grave diseases as general