tory against a fatal peritoneal dose of cholera bacilli. 1 have
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that worthy, of whom Caius College is now more than ever
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W. G.— Morally indefensible as we hold the alleged action of the late
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made on yellow fever, on leprosy, and on certain other con-
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to Mr. Ernest Hart's article on the " Revival of Witchcraft,"
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on ttie table. The Committee on Class Hetuinsfor 1^9. -92 gave in their
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Meetings of the Council will be held on April 19th,
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He gave the following account of his daily diet : breakfast,
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the press since the recent sardine poisoning case, and also from
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is for the most part of a much more benign type than in
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passed a satisfactory examination in midwifery shall be
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examining the eyes it was found that there was slight ptosis on both
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haustive study of the recent dermatological literature pub-
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the abdomi aal symttoms having subsided, and the abdomen being not
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in it by the delegates, we "do not think the Union of the two
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discharged cured, or, if need be, admitted for further treat-
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lying-in charity, said she had never previously seen so much
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Strand, London. Post-office orders should be made payable
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was at once placed in the peritoneal cavity. On introducing the linger a
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made the more exact method the ruling one, and at the same
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The first subscription list to the memorial statue of the late
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gence of the medical profession generally, seeing that Dr. Tibbits is, we
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smoke, saline applications, the administration of turpentine,
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an outbreak, although the evidence of intensification is not
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haps they decrease the amount of sugar passed and very
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It was tnen omitted for two days, on wliich G426 grains
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feet above sea level, and, owing to its latitude, the sun is ab-
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had been dragged down in its wake. In excising this ring of
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various forms of albuminuria, with the result that an abso-
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made between officers of the Medical Stall' and of the Indian Medical
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live years preceding ihe passing of the Universities Act, as well as sug-
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de ethnologia, de archaeologia praeclare meritus, vir et sexa-
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any definite cause. Fifty of the cases occurred under the age
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A Member B. M. A.— .\ draft form of agreement between a principal and
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occurred in cases where there was no true skin, and the sub-
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In all tlie many experiments performed, however, thrombosis
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following objects : — (1) To urge the extension of the dis-
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Mr. Ernest Hart, Dr. Anstie, and Dr. Rogers, was many
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Drugs Act which can only be attributed to aii excess qi^ zeal
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urethra, was important. He stated tliat the patient had often
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burgh Koyal Infirmary wards recently, stated to Dr. Bramwell
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were 171 cases under treatment in place of VM> in the pret^editig fortnight,
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there not being the slightest trace of a torn edge perceptible
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