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She was bled from the arm, and one hundred leeches were applied to the thigh,
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and four children, sailed in January, 1819, on a vo}'^age from Bristol to Cork.
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character, with rapid sinking of the strength, and were complicated frequently
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whose body was being dissected in a medical school. The tumour
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Sympathetic Ophthalmia, — Dr. E. Meyer observes that on survey-
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were from the upper and lower surface. Devergie pretends to contradict
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The Scalp. — In the mass of theoretic speculation upon
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when three months pregnant. For the last five or six days she felt
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The author has, in fact, had special opportunity for collecting
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detailed in his work, and he shows that the disease prevails
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they were applied every few days for two weeks, and at the end of this
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with sulphurretted hydrogen gas, to which a drop of muriatic acid has
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taining a large amount of borax, and the application of
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that two opinions are held amongst physiologists respecting the
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than gauze or cotton or silk. Women normal in weight
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ture; near its fissure a layer of pretty thick, and as it were, condensed cei-
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treat nor pretend to imderstand general cases. Others
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signify the pesky microbe, burrows down alongside the
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continually diminishing vision. By the end of June he scarcely
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b. Watery sublimate, — iuistantaneoiLS forniation of many crystals,
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Medical Gazette for May last, an interesting case illustrative of the physiology
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by Mr. L. S. Little, the curator of the museum, and illustrated
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is near twenty-five, and on either side of this age mortality gra-
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The Lectures in the Medical Department of this institution will commence on the
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thus it comes to pass that diseases are allowed to run a long
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In our hospital and private experience we have been con-
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In fact we have nearly always to commence with that, since substances capable
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the lower, grain of yarious kinds, many of which, however, are
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of his own investigation as to Charleston. It seems that it was the fortune of
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profit. He shortly after made his will in her favour, and she at the same
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Dr. Fayrer opens his volume with an address delivered before
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of letter from Dr. E. J. Lewis, to Dr. J. K. Mitchell.^ During the last two or
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quence of the known law, that in incomplete foot-presentation the
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50,000 inhabitants, beautifully built, on the shore of the Medi-
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tween the fingers and toes, the axillary region, &c., the linear shape will be
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Tobacco Habit. — In a reasonable share of trials of the
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which was put over the whole foot and leg: at evening sol. sulph. morph.
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1. The two fibromas were present in the same patient.
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that a discoloured (red or black) liquid is produced. It is certainly more complicated
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to the left auricle and ventricle again — in about thirteen