thorax so as to grasp the heart enveloped by pericardium. The heart
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above-mentioned small bodies may be either white blood-corpuscles, still clinging to the
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bald, of Baltimore, iind B. E. Fryer, of Kansas City.
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better. Several letters from her indicated continued
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describing in my cases, the inference is unavoidable that large amounts
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its findings to that effect shall be transmitted to the
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Honorary Surgeon to the Hospital for Sick Children. Paris.
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Bolsseau. Paris, Rec. de Mfm. de Mf^d., Sfr. xxll. 1869.
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that this symptom indicates very constantly the presence of tubercles in the
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applicant, after being examined by a medical officer on recruiting
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dilate the pupil for ophthalmoscopic purposes it has the advantage of not
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for a time at least, those habits may override all climatic law.
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viz: Amputation of the cervix, currettage, removal of right cystic ovary and ven-
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the nerve. In the section of the latter, as Professor
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to be 18,000 — but none was found. She has slowly recovered
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hygienic resources possible. The torpid liver should be aroused by an
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happy homes, I record my heartfelt wish that I may live to see
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ments in general, when they are mixed with serum. They are
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existence. The moan of indigestion is rather more prolonged,
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When drugs are the cause, they must act on the blood vessels in a certain
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divide the various dyes into the following classes:
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The urine in most cases in the beginning of the attack was