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brucellosis due to Brucella melitensis. JAMA 1948; 138: 1 1 45 I 1 48

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$60,000 cash to begin, and the patient, even though he was

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Improvement was noticeable very soon. In six weeks time

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men, specially gifted in special directions rare in a new country,

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There are, indeed} physicians who smile incredulously at

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with the history of individual patients, and the existing state

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The following proposed amendments to the Bylaws were presented to the House of Delegates on November 16, 1994

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of septic sore throats. The data afforded us by Yokohama,

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membrane, due either to cirrhosis of the liver, or to obstruction of the portal

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important recommendation. On the other hand, the disagreeableness of its