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iological, psychological, chemical, or just idiosyn-

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" If we take a general view of the cranial, thoracic, and abdominal

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Minnea])olis, reported on the use of benzyl benzoate

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justified in our peremptory labeling them as neuro-

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in the socalled periosteum of the bones .of the skull.

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bacillus, at times takes the stain more deeply at the

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would be disposed to treat it on the plan already recommended in this

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cidence of eleven per cent, in lobar pneumonia, and

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9 p. m. the os uteri being more dilated, and by examining with

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spine, or only indistinct evidence of the process, and

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turn round in such a manner as to exhibit their small sides, on

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water, is indicated for intramuscular or intravenous

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ary 13, 1919) refer to personal investigations which

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to which we have so often alluded, may be looked upon as vast

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strument, as if the blades consisted of air instead of steel. We

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nosing these cases by the x ray, care must be taken

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day, then every two days, until, after fourteen days or three

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The definition itself eludes us and the conception of

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section of the fauces, and examine the situation which such an

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I shall next give a short statement of the cause of death in

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order ; and laws against pleasure have only provoked

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muscle is particularly irritable, or the patient very

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According to the census of 1830, the population of that city was

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patient. The psychanalytic mode of approach offered

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cases, however, it is accelerated. The pulsations are marked by