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of Phthisis, and was justly respected for his kindness and his skill.

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Changes of external conditions produce as remarkable

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three cases of cystinuria and one of cystine calculus. This was

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donbtleBH, are led to neglect it under the impreatiion that it i

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Vagus Neurosis, Brit. Med. Jour., p. 629. Strassmann, Influenza bei Neuge-

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meals without the use of fire, and as a result they

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Cavell. On February 14th, at Oakley Square, Camden Town, aged

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which the coincidence I have dwelt on has been observed to take

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entrance of the parasite, that we have to deal with; it will prevent the

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finished it he remarked one day to his daughter, " Well,

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which weaken them greatly, and that they feel particularly dull and list-

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acre to every four patients, or 25 to each 100, the Commis-

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also noted that the veins of the neck were distended and pul-

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turned inward. In such a case a fracture of the malleolus or a

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up his haphazard business methods and devote proper attention to the securing of an ade-

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anism of the quantity of water in the organism. This mechanism

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Cassel had four cures oxit of eight cases (cures for two to six years) ,

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shore. There is a reading-room for the politically inclined,

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individual cases are often far more convincing than the

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On the other hand, when no symptoms referable to the kidney

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Periostitis (Inflammation or the Periosteum-Membrane Cov-

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felt fetal movements on both sides of the abdomen. At times

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giving it. I have seen no harm come from this plan,

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without her complaining of any pain, and there came to a stand. In a

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This fever has been described by Castellani in Ceylon. Cases

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necessary preliminary arrangements, attempts to return the hernia, beginning

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any legislation is necessary to authorize such a usage, we

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but already in 1873,:}: Professor Charcot, of Paris, had quite well

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1906 Sheill, J. Spencer, F.R.C.P.L, Ex-Asst. Master Coombe Hospital,

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