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In America, a rising young surgeon, W. W. Mayo, was first to adopt Lister’s
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cases occurred, but they were all mild througliout, and the case-mortality never
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albuminuria was accompanied by ordinary albuminuria. In no case,
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PeZae case 1825) ; in one case paternity was denied (judicially) because ge to
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den pain. On being questioned, she said she had just before struck herself a
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tient had no symptoms of such a condition — no lancinating
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sion So. 2, does not think a verdict in his favor for $5000
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the match, just so often would the powder probably explode ;
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inspection of the body was ordered. On opening the skull a large quantity
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it is some agent in the fluid constituents of the blood
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1901. Stbwabt, Huoh Milton, M.D., Walton House, Lordsliip-lane, S.E.
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complete our chronicle, only a few statements need be
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behind its angle ; all, however, was set free, and the mass drawn out.
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and do^vn the spine. They are somewhat paroxysmal in their character,
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in a more acute invasion, in a much more rapid course,
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with its hood, and is of normal size. At the cul-de-sac of the
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ring after ordinary labour, of which the asylum records bear
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German Spas. A short medical treatise on the use of
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system. Total abstinence is the only remedy. If the constitution is not