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lent strain. This usually required at least three or four injections.

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anesthesia, the surgeon should be called in. Every case of

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there are loud sibilant and crepitating rales. Heart sounds indistinct ; no murmur ;

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the approximation of the patellar fragments. The oozing

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Avhich great care had been taken in collecting the specimen.

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tion — at least as far as the bladder was concerned — ^by

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vulgaris, Nat. Ord. Berleridacea^) is tonic and deobstruent.

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it may easily be mistaken, and may even, if neglected, lead to death by

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is due, as Dr. Stone has pointed out, to imperfect transmission of the

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lation. I find that I did not describe the process with

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will sometimes afford prompt relief in severe cases. If not, opium in some

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previous to this meal a sample of urine was secured and 5 cc. of blood were

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This danger threatens Europe annually, but this year it

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great discovery ot his life — a discovery which had been unceas-

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ducing pain, which was absolutely unendurable. The constitutional disturbance

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needed to keep it in good working order are probably at the

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have been exhibited during life, the organ externally shows but little

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ficially gangrenous, in a case of hysterical hemianiES-

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Though she died on July 6th, sixty-two days after her admis-

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unsoundness, and on criminal lunacy and criminal lunatics generally.

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was dry ; the pulse good. The patient soon began to re-

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under the influence of the alkali, though his number of cases

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Boston physicians took part, including Drs. W. T. Lusk,

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Case of loose neck fracture operated on at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital.

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dust formed in preparing the coals for the blowpipe, which must be

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presence of the bacilli and giant-cells, would be stronger