for the moment at least, as the best suited to judging this type

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immunity from diphtheria and tetanus must imply immunity from both

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dream. The medicines of the homoeopathic school are denounced

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practitioners recommend a reduced atmosphere and frequent draughts of cold fluid

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drink swallowed, often greedily, when thrust or poured into the

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The occurrence of complications renders the danger more imminent;.

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tract of man (genus Klebsiella) , and widely distributed in nature.

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ease, including the periods of decompensation, and the results

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and apprehension on the part of the patient, and he again re-

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process. Crajkowski (1895) found a diplococcus present in comparatively

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thoroughly dried and rubbed. A little alcohol is then usually administered.

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stage in the technic, since drying causes the organisms

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typhoid fever. On the other hand, a step-like rise of the evening tempera-

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Clinic of Dr. James P. O'Hare, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital

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methods indicated above in the section covering the typhoid bacil-

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times a decided tendency to nervous restlessness and depression,

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Not long since, in a suit for malpractice, the defence had to

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spore-bearing organisms. Only one species (B anthracis) is patho-

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of 40. Very young children enjoy a certain immunity from it. Trous-

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transferred to colorimeter cups just before readings

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a standard work, is eagerly received. The volume under consid-

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different species an immunity against the bacterium or its products, which were used

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precision required by the careful and efficient prescriber. Our

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and particularly if the radial count is a great deal lower than the

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Our literature is meagre in monographs. We rely almost

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e\idence of a lesion of the pyramidal tract or any part of its

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tor till needed, then thawed, cut into slices, and washed

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if he could or did perform it. He is content to believe that we are

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The work is abundantly indexed, and contains many valuable

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directly from the cleansed urinary meatus. It should be remem-

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There are no large abnormally shaped cells present. The large

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