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were often due to group agglutinins. While no conclusion can be

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Ulcers are generally found in the rectum and colon. The

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Arsenic. — This has been thought by some to exert a specific action in

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severity, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, slight diarrhoea, and fever.

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customers just entering the field. Price, $1.25 per dozen sheets.

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xi. 169.— Burnett (S. M.) Double exophthalmos, with

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tie. In his: Leg. de clin. chir., 8°, Par., 1876, 709-738.—

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secreting glands, but there are also cells containing l)aso[)hiU' granules.

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Assi$t. Physician to Vie Royal Infirmary, and Lecturer in the School of Medicine, Edinburgh.

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Dr. Reeve: I understand that there have been this year